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Chuckmates is a new handdrawn NFT collection inspired by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. That makes it the Ultimate Cardano NFT!
The first ever Chuckmates NFT, "Orginal Chuck", was sold for 500 ADA in December 2021. If you’d like to learn more about Chuckmates, please read on! Also, to keep up to date and hear the latest news first, we'd love to invite you to our Chuckmates Discord server or to follow our Chuckmates Twitter account.

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chuckmates nfts

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We have just released our first generated 1/1 Chuckmates collection! Each Chuck is different with unique hand-drawn traits! Composed from over 180 different assets across 15 separate layers, there are 13,944,563,942,400 (13.9 trillion) possible Chucks, but there will be 9999 NFT's minted of these in total. The randomly generated Chucks cost 35 ADA each and you will receive all the property rights to it.This way you can use the image in any way you like, for example make a print of it, or put in on a t-shirt!

Limited Editions

Our Limited Edition Chuckmates collection consists of different Chucks that are not generated but are each hand-drawn. They will be released in limited number, some will have 50 copies each, some only 5 copies!

chuckmates nfts


Teacher Chuck

We are passionate about the Cardano currency and its community. That's why we created Teacher Chuck NFT's, each teaching a different Cardano lesson. A fun way to learn about Cardano facts/trivia. With our Teacher Chuck NFT's we want to teach the community about Cardano. You can buy different lessons as NFT, of each lesson only 5 copies of 25 ADA each will be made. By sharing these you can help spread the word about Cardano!


Our roadmap is clean and simple, we want to create beautiful art and we want you to be part of the Chuck fam!

Phase 1: Launch of "the "Original Chuck" and some Limited Edition Chuck friends check

Phase 2: Brought Teacher Chuck to life with lessons about Cardano check

Phase 3: Release of the Chuckmates collection of 9999 unique Chucks, on March 8th 7pm UTC!check

Phase 4: More exciting Limited Edition Chucks and Teacher Chucks.




Draw Chuck

Co-Founder and artist of Chuckmates. All the 2D art of Chuckmates is drawn by Draw Chuck. And if you should believe this image, he does this without even using his hands!


Handyman Chuck

Co-Founder of Chuckmates. Whenever things need to be done, we can ask Handyman Chuck to do it! You have to ask nicely though...


Code Chuck

Every collection needs a coder and in our case that's Code Chuck! As you can see he's very happy with his job!

Limited Editions

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